What is Supported Employment?

Supported Employment is designed to enable people with disabilities to find, secure and maintain employment in the open labour market with the support of a Job Coach / Employment Support Specialist.

Supported Employment provides support to job seekers with disabilities, their employers and co-workers to assist in a successful job placement.

On the job training and support for both the employer and employee are key elements of Supported Employment.

The 4 Phases

Supported Employment has 4 main phases:


PHASE a – A Needs Assessment

When someone is referred to Supported Employment, an employment specialist called an Employment Support Specialist / Job Coach will carry out a needs analysis to identify the type of job the person would like to do.


Phase B – Job Sourcing and Development

The Job Coach will identify suitable jobs, carry out job analysis and contact possible employers. The Job Coach will then look for suitable job options.


Phase c – Matching the jobseeker with a suitable employer

Providing the employee with necessary support and coaching in the workplace. The Job Coach will support both the employer and employee.


Phase d – Aftercare and Follow-up

To provide an aftercare/on call service for clients and employees where applicable. The amount of support provided should decrease over time as the employee learns the skills required for the job and adapts to the workplace.

The service is open to all eligible persons with a disability who are ‘job ready’. For the purpose of the Supported Employment Programme, job readiness is defined as “a person who has the necessary training, education, motivation and ability to pursue work/career in the open labour market and if needed, has the transport to get to and from work”.

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