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Every day is different. I think that is the most enjoyable part of the job for me. As a job coach, I work with a range of people, each with their own unique journey that has brought them their linkage with the Employ Ability Ltd service. I work with a minimum caseload of 25 people at any one time. Some people are just starting into the world of work for the first-time whereas others might be returning to their chosen career or seeking a complete career change. Either way it’s a daunting process to be looking for employment and helping someone through this process and seeing them succeed, usually by just being given a chance at employment, is the best feeling.

A lot of the job seekers, we work with acquired their disabilities or health issues at various points in their lives so have had to adapt and change their lives in some way to accommodate this. This ability to adapt and change is a quality, I feel, any employer looks for in an employee. Add to that determination and you have some of the best characteristics you could ask for in any staff member.
For others, their disabilities or health issues are something that has always been part of their lives BUT just a part. It doesn’t define the individual. In any job, ability is the big definer.

The other major part of my role is working with employers. Initially I meet with employers to find out more about their organisation, to tell them about what we do, answer any questions they may have and to tell about the various employment grants and supports available. Hopefully we may be able to set up a short-work trial or work experience to allow the employer to see a person’s possible suitability without the commitment of an offer of employment. If the employer and job seekers are happy after the work trial, hopefully it would lead to a possible offer of employment. If employment is not a possibility, it’s still a positive experience for both as the job seekers have gained experience in their chosen employment field and the employer (and colleagues) have hopefully gained an understanding of working with someone with a particular health issue or disability.

Over the years I’ve worked with employers who were very often nervous or skeptical about the idea of possibly recruiting someone with a health issue or disability. Fast forward to 18 months later and a lot of those same employers have spoken at their surprise of how the experience was as much the same for them as it was for recruiting any of their other employees, with a huge percentage of our employers now repeatedly coming to our service when they have a recruitment need.
We work with individuals from graduates through to experienced professionals and people looking for their first job. We are very successful in what we do because we carefully match our job seekers to our employer’s requirements.

We work with small, medium and large scale employers and have successfully placed candidates in roles as diverse as tour guides, PA’s, web development and digital media marketing professionals, administrators, car valets, HR assistants, drivers, office support workers, caterers, retail assistants, production operatives and the list goes on. I’ll end as I began. Every day is different…….but there is one constant – every person I work with wants the same thing – to be employed.

So let’s focus on ability. If you’re an employer, be the first step that helps someone on their journey.

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