Overused Words

What are the most overused words on Irish CVs?

Are you motivated, driven, and enthusiastic? Well, you’re not the only one!
How do you describe yourself to potential employers? It seems like Irish people have the tendency to overuse words when it comes to selling themselves! LinkedIn has published information about their Irish users, highlighting the most over used words contained on their CVs.

And here are the offenders…

  • motivated
  • enthusiastic
  • passionate
  • driven
  • track record
  • creative
  • extensive experience
  • responsible
  • communication skills
  • ambitious

We all know how frustrating job hunting can be, scouring the web for suitable vacancies, receiving daily rejection emails and shopping for interview worthy attire can be very exhausting, but having an impressive CV is vital.  Check out our tips on how to make sure your CV is in tip top shape, and scan through it to see how many of LinkedIn’s over used words pop up. You may well find yourself in search of a thesaurus!

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