Our service is available to people living in south west Dublin. If you live in this area please follow the steps below to register with us.

If you live outside this area, check for your local office here.

EmployAbility Job Seekers Guide from Employ Ability on Vimeo.

STEP 1 - Job Seeker visits their local INTREO office or LES (Obair ) office.

A list of the local INTREO and LES (Obair) offices are available by clicking HERE

STEP 2 - Explain that you are looking for a job and feel that you need some support.

You will be given an appointment  to meet with an INTREO Case Officer or LES Mediator (Obair) where you can ask to be referred to Employ Ability.

STEP 3 - A referral form will be sent to us by the INTREO Case Officer or LES Mediator.

We will contact you by phone and letter with an appointment to come and see us.

STEP 4 - Job seeker meets with a Job Coach to discuss work experience so far, then identify skills and talents. Their may be a need to get some extra training before applying for a job.
The Job Coach and the job seeker then pinpoint a number of possible jobs that the person likes and has the skills to do.

STEP 5 - Job Coach and job seeker source a suitable job.

STEP 6 - Interview takes place

STEP 7 - A workplace visit takes place to see if any changes are needed.

STEP 8 - Suitable transport is identified.

STEP 9 - If needed, special equipment is sourced.

STEP 10 - Work begins - employee joins the workforce.

STEP 11 - Job Coach provides coaching on-the-job, as needed.

STEP 12 - Job Coach keeps in contact with employer and supported employee, as needed.

STEP 13 - Person works independent of support and exits the Employ Ability Service supports.