A FREE job matching and employment placement service that matches your specific recruitment needs.

Access to a highly skilled workforce.

Information, support and assistance in understanding the supports available when employing a person with a disability or health issue. 

On the job support (if required) when the person commences employment. Support is phased out only when both employer and employee are satisfied and confident with the placement. The amount of support is reduced as the person settles into the job.

Back-up support and assistance – Your Employment Support Specialist will keep in touch with you, the employer, and employee over the next 6 – 12 months to ensure sure both you and they are happy.

Financial incentives - Advice and information on relevant grants and schemes. Click here for info (hyperlink to grants and schemes)

A loyal workforce – job seekers value the opportunity to become part of the workforce and will see their placement as a possible career path to future progression.

A more inclusive workforce which has been shown to boost staff morale.

Opportunity to promote your business as an advocate of equal opportunities.

An opportunity to promote employment in your local community.

Attract positive media attention.

Opportunity to win Employ Ability Ltd. “Employer of the Year” award.

Invites and networking opportunities – employers associated with our service are invited to a number of events throughout the year such as employer’s breakfasts, launches and conferences.